5 Causes Of Rectal Irritation

The five causes of rectal irritation is not something people really want to talk about; however, it is common and must be resolved in order for a person to feel better. When a person has rectal irritation, usually there is a burning sensation outside and inside the anus. Even though there is no swelling, blood will sometimes show up on toilet paper and sometimes a significant amount of bleeding can occur. The best thing is to understand five causes of rectal irritation so you can avoid it.

When a person has rectal irritation, anal itching can occur which of course gives the person a sense to want to scratch at the rectum exit that is called the anus. Even though itching could be a chemical reaction in the stool, it frequently means that the anal area is inflamed. The anal itching concentration and the inflammation amount added to the harm of scratching and the moisture is present is what presents rectal irritation. When it is at its worst, anal itching can cause unbearable soreness that is often described as burning and tenderness.

Anal itching that happens when a person has rectal irritation can be caused by a number of things. One of the causes is chemicals in our foods that irritate our digestive system when we eat them like hot sauces, peppers and spices. Additionally, as some foods exit your colon, they may indirectly or directly irritate your anus. Typical offenders include tomatoes, alcohol, citrus fruits and chocolate. Also, when you drink particular beverages such as drinks that contain caffeine or milk, it may cause you to have diarrhea which then causes rectal irritation and then anal itching.   

Rectal irritation and anal itching can also be caused by continual moisture in the anus that was caused by diarrhea, frequent liquid stools or even small amounts of stool escaping. The possibility of infections of the anus increases when there is an increase of moisture. Yeast infections are particularly common, especially in patients that have HIV or diabetes mellitus. Additionally, antibiotics that are taken can sometimes cause yeast infections which can in turn cause rectal irritation.

Lack of hygiene and hemorrhoids can also cause irritation in the rectum. Hemorrhoids are bloated veins that are located just under the membrane that lines the lowest part of your anus and rectum. They usually occur when a person strains very hard during a bowel movement and can also cause itching. Using laxatives in excess or in the wrong way can lead to chronic diarrhea, anal and rectal irritation risk and itching.

Another cause of rectal irritation is extreme washing of the rectal area, excessive drying with harsh, dry toilet paper or extreme rubbing with soaps that are harsh. Just as poor hygiene can be bad, so can over cleaning. The soap also needs to be completely rinsed away or that can cause irritation also. Furthermore, as you age, the skin around and in your anus tends to be drier. Dry skin can cause rectal irritation which then causes intense anal itching. Other skin troubles, for example eczema, seborrhea and psoriasis, can irritate the rectal and anus area.

Rectal irritation is usually caused by problems that are not critical. Occasionally, rectal irritation and anal itching can be a more serious medical issue signal. You need to see your physician if the rectal irritation or anal itching lasts for longer than a few weeks or is severe. Also, if there is bleeding from the rectum or you can’t really figure out what the problem is, it is time to call your doctor. There might be a more serious underlying illness that your doctor needs to know about so he can treat it. 

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