5 Celebrities Caught On Tape Having Sex

Some of the most popular Internet searches are for 5 celebrities caught on tape having sex. Celebrity sex tapes are always a hot topic and are sought after by many fans. These celebrities caught on tape having sex are often released by spiteful ex-lovers who are seeking revenge and others are released on purpose to boost their status. Below you will find some of the most notorious celebrity sex tapes that have been released on the Internet.

  1. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. This is the most infamous celebrity sex tape around. As one of the first celebrity sex tapes to hit the Internet, this is the couple that comes to mind when someone mentions celebrity sex tapes.
  2. Lindsay Lohan. Another not so proud Lohan moment. A second Lindsay Lohan sex tape has been released in the midst of Lohan trying to rebuild her career and credibility.
  3. Shauna Sands. We shouldn’t be surprised to hear about this celebrity sex tape. A playboy Playmate having sex on camera? No big surprise there. Sadly, she is the mother to three young daughters who will be exposed to their mothers charades.
  4. Kim Kardashian. Let’s face it, who heard of Kim Kardashian before her sex tape was revealed?  It is only imaginable the amount of money this family has made due to the celebrity sex tape that starred Kim Kardashian and Ray J.
  5. Paris Hilton. Without the Hilton name, this tape would never even had made headlines. Before this celebrity sex tape was released, all we knew about Paris Hilton was that her family was in the hotel business. Now she has her foot into many different business ventures. 
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