5 Celebrities That Cheated On Husband

Five celebrities that cheated on their husbands is endless as Hollywood infidelity has a long history. Lately, the media has been buzzing about men that cheat. However, women are not so innocent. Check out these five celebrities that cheated on their husbands.

  1. LeAnn Rimes. One of the five celebrities that cheated on her husband is country singer LeAnn Rimes. She cheated on her husband of seven years, Dean Sheremet with Eddie Cibrian. She not only destroyed her own marriage, but ruined her lover's marriage as well.
  2. Tori Spelling. Another one of the celebrities that cheated on her husband is Tori Spelling. She cheated on her loving husband, Charlie Shanian with Dean McDermott. Not only were the pair married to other people, they slept together shortly after meeting and Spelling has said that she doesn't regret cheating.
  3. Meg Ryan. Hollywood sweetheart Meg Ryan is another female celebrity that cheated on her husband. She slept with Russell Crowe in 2000 while she was married to Dennis Quaid. Of course, she justifies her actions by claiming that Quaid cheated on her throughout their marriage.
  4. Anne Heche. One of the five celebrities that cheated on their husbands is Anne Heche, but this star did it with a twist. First, she cheated on her girlfriend, Ellen DeGeneres with a camera man. Then she married that camera man and cheated on him. She ended up leaving her camera man husband for her new lover.
  5. Jennifer Lopez. This superstar celebrity that cheated on her husband is viewed as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was married to Chris Judd when she had an affair with Ben Affleck. Lopez and Judd divorced and Bennifer nearly married, but then Lopez decided to break up Marc Anthony's marriage and married him instead.



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