5 Celebrities That Smoke Weed

Curious about 5 celebrities that smoke weed? These are 5 celebrities that smoke weed very openly. There are many celebrities that smoke weed, but the following five are open with their actions.

  1. Willie Nelson. First on the list is a man who has always been quite open with smoking weed. He is an activist for legalization of hemp and marijuana.
  2. Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton is one of the celebrities that smoke weed and don't mind everybody knowing. She has been filmed countless times in various videos smoking.
  3. Snoop Dogg. This celebrity is a given. Some will say Snoop Dogg is best known for being a celebrity that smokes weed. There are few songs of his that don't involve weed, and there are many pictures out there showing Snoop Dogg smoking.
  4. Doug Benson. On the list of celebrities that smoke weed openly, this one has practically made a career for himself out of it.  As a comedian, Doug Benson jokes about his experiences smoking weed often. He also starred in the movie "Super High Me." The movie was all about him not smoking weed for 30 days and how he much prefers to smoke.
  5. Bill Maher. This former host of "Politically Incorrect" makes regular public statements against the war on drugs. He admits to doing various drugs himself.

It's not difficult to find 5 celebrities that smoke weed. It may actually be more difficult to make a list of celebrities that do not smoke weed. There are those who smoke openly, and those who do so behind closed doors. Either way, the list of celebrities that smoke weed is incredibly long.

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