5 Celebrities That Wear Contacts

While many celebrities keep their beauty tips a secret, there are at least 5 celebrities that wear contacts and are proud to let the world know they do. While some celebrities wear contacts to change their eye color and overall appearance, there are still those celebrities who do so to correct their vision. Contact lenses are also a popular solution when modeling a character's appearance while filming movies or TV shows. For these reasons, celebrities are wearing contact lenses more often than ever.

  1. Britney Spears wears contacts for vision problems and style. While her eyes are naturally dark brown, she prefers to wear blue contact lenses instead. While she sometimes chooses to wear her glasses, she is usually found wearing the blue contacts. There have been times when Britney has forgotten to wear both contact lenses and has subsequently gained tremendous amounts of media attention.
  2. Though born with brown eyes, celebrity heiress Paris Hilton is well known for her bright blue eyes. For Paris, she says that she wears the contact lenses to create her idea of a desirable image, and not necessarily for any vision problems.
  3. Orlando Bloom was born with brown eyes, but has blue eyes during the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. To portray Legolas Greenleaf accurately, celebrity Orlando Bloom was required to wear blue contact lenses.
  4. The “Twilight” character Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, has red eyes while hungry and golden brown eyes after he has fed. In order to carry out his role as Cullen, Pattinson had to wear either red or amber contacts for each occasion.
  5. Tom Cruise had blue eyes as Lestat de Lioncourt during “Interview with the Vampire.” Blue contact lenses were also used here to cover Tom’s green eyes.



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