5 Celebrity Sex Scandals

When it comes to hot gossip nothing seems to burn up the internet lines faster than looking for 5 celebrity sex scandals. Everyone is hoping to find a picture or a video with someone caught in the act doing things that should not be seen on TV. Most celebrity sex scandals are short lived and any evidence that was on the internet is generally either pulled down due to the fear of lawsuits or people actually want you to pay to see it.

  1. Tiger Woods. The Tiger Woods sex scandal from 2009 has to be one of the most intriguing. He seemed to be your all American wholesome good boy with a beautiful wife and child. Suddenly he wrecks his car and all these sexy demons come out of his closet. Then he offers to pay his wife to stay with him.
  2. Jesse James. Now the world was surprise when Sandra Bullock started dating Jesse James in the first place, then she went and married him. Now we find out that James cheated on her with not one, but two tattoo covered
  3. Jon Gosselin. By the time that the news of Jon Gosselin’s affair came to light no one should have been surprised. After hearing him being degraded by his control freak wife on their show “Jon & Kate plus Eight” viewers knew that it was going to end at some point. He was constantly being belittled and talked to like a child on the show so one can only imagine what went on behind the scenes.
  4. McKenzie Phillips. There was nothing steamy about this celebrity sex scandal, it was just downright repulsive. McKenzie Phillips admitted to being raped by her father while he was on drugs. Then admits to have a long term consensual affair with him until she thought she was pregnant. There is nothing sexy or search worthy about this.
  5. David Letterman. After being blackmailed instead of paying up he told the world on late night television about his actions. Letterman said that all his affairs were prior to his marriage. 
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