5 Celebrity Video Scandals

If you’re looking for 5 Celebrity Video Scandals then you are looking on the right place. Being a celebrity isn’t always glamor and glitterit does have its considerable share of scandals.  For celebrities, their lives are an open book.  Names like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and a lot more rarely surprise us anymore.  What does come as a shock is when the celebs you placed on the pedestal swoop down because of some sleazy video. Here are five celebrities that you will be shocked to learn have video scandals:

  1. Chelsea Handler.  Although Chelsea Handler is a celebrity that has never had qualms talking about her sex life or some other sensitive issue, a sex video from the past would be one thing she’d rather have to remain buried.  Then again, Chelsea lived up to her name and handled the affair with minimum fuss.
  2. Montana Fishburne.  Of course, her celebrity daddy Laurence Fishburne will be smoking mad to even just imagine his daughter being watched by millions in all imaginable compromising positions.  Then again, this girl already made up her mind, and will soon make her celebrity porn video on a self-titled DVD.
  3. Danielle Staub.  Sometimes not saying anything or not doing anything would be best.  However, in the case of Daniele Staub, this obviously did not do anything to dampen the scandalous issue about her celebrity video scandal.  Her video scandal, which shows this celebrity romping with a mystery man, has been freely released to the public.
  4. Mindy McCready.  Okay.  So there are skeletons in the closet.  Celebrity country singer Mindy McCready is currently filing lawsuits against companies like Vivid, who aim to release her celebrity sex video scandal “Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress."
  5. John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. Politics and sex are generally two unending themes.  John Edwards was the all-around good guy, until he embroiled himself in a celebrity video scandal. It has been rumored that John Edwards and Rielle Hunter had it going between them and kept a sex tape as a memento of the moment.
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