5 Cell Phone Care Tips

If you like your phone, learn about five cell phone care tips that will help it last for a very long time. If you disrespect and disregard your cell phone, don't be surprised when it needs repair or replacement after a very short time.

  1. Wipe down the keys. Use an anti-bacterial wipe, like the kind that Lysol makes, to wipe down the keys of your cell phone. Make sure you get rid of all crumbs and dirt so that your keypad won't get gummed up.
  2. Use a film cover on touch screen phones. For proper cell phone care of a touch screen phone place a screen protector over the actual screen. This is a clear adhesive sticker that lays over the actual screen to prevent smudging and scratching of the cell phone.
  3. Keep it away from water. If your cell phone comes into contact with water, forget it. One cell phone care tip is to avoid putting your cell phone on kitchen or bathroom sinks. If you go to the bathroom, don't text while you're standing over or near the toilet.
  4. Wrap it in a case. You can buy cases to fit most cell phones. This is a simple yet effective cell phone care tip that could protect and extend the useful life of your phone for years.
  5. Install cell phone anti-virus software. If you have a smartphone like a Blackberry or iPhone, consider installing an anti-virus software program on the phone as a precaution. This cell phone care tip will protect your phone from distribution of questionable or potentially harmful programs. Kaspersky and Symantec both offer anti-virus programs for people who are concerned about cell phone care.
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