5 Chamomile Tea Benefits

If you are interested in what Chamomile tea can do for you and your health, consider these 5 chamomile tea benefits. By drinking this tea, you can remedy problems ranging from colds to menstrual cramps. Due to the breakdown of glycine and amino acids that happens as a result of drinking chamomile tea, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  1. Nerve relief. If you have problems with nerves and anxiety, consider drinking some chamomile tea to help calm the nerves and soothe the nervous system.
  2. Back pain relief. Chamomile tea has been shown to relieve many kinds of aches and pains, but it is especially helpful for back pain.
  3. Menstrual cramp relief. Since one chamomile tea benefit is the relief of muscle spasms, this tea is a great home remedy for relieving menstrual cramps in women.
  4. Fights infections. Chamomile tea gives the immune system a boost which will help your body to fight off infections and colds.
  5. Upset stomach relief. This tea helps to soothe the stomach on occasions when your stomach might be upset from something you have eaten.

After drinking chamomile tea just once per day, the positive effects were being seen by researchers up to two weeks later. The compounds in the tea can remain active in your system for quite some time, resulting in not only its various benefits, but longer lasting benefits. The tea tastes great, though you may need a little sugar with it. You can purchase chamomile tea at most local supermarkets or online retailers.


Types of Tea: Chamomile

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