5 Cheap Car TVs

What are five cheap car TVs? Various televisions and monitors can be used in cars if special provisions are made. TVs and television monitors made for cars use a 12 volt power supply as opposed to a 120 volt power supply which is used in your typical home system. This article will concentrate upon cheaply priced TVs made specifically with 12 volt power supplies, or are portable/rechargeable and capable of being used with car specific adaptors for vehicle use.

  1. Haier HLT71 7" Portable Digital LCD TV. This is a small portable TV with a built in tuner fully compliant with new digital standards and antennae. It has a seven inch LCD screen for optimum clarity in a small handheld TV. It comes with car both and ac adaptors for the most flexible use possible. It also comes with a remote control.
  2. iView 780PTV 7-Inch Handheld Digital LCD TV. A small portable TV with a seven inch LCD screen for clarity in a small package. Comes with an NTSC/ATSC digital tuner, built in USB port, alternate input and an external antennae. The internal rechargeable battery has a 2.5 hour battery life. 
  3. Axion AXN-8701 7-Inch Widescreen Handheld LCD TV. A seven inch LCD screen portable TV. Has a built in digital tuner and antennae for finding local digital channels, also comes with an AV jack for alternate video input. Comes with AV cables, car charger, AC adaptor, and external antennae.
  4. KTV LSM-171 Dual Power 17 Inch Universal LCD Monitor. Large seventeen inch LCD viewing screen with both 12 Volt and 120 volt capability. Multiple digital video inputs and audio outputs for optimum flexibility of use. Comes with both front panel and remote controls.
  5. Savv LM-U9030W 9 Inch Universal Headrest Monitor. Nine inch universal headrest mounted LCD monitor. Comes with the universal headrest mount and associated hardware. LCD screen is 7 3/4" x 4 3/8". There are multiple input jacks and output audio jacks, including built in headphone jacks for quiet usage.  

There are five cheap, or relatively cheap car TV's. Included are cheap car TV's with built in tuners and antennaes and TV's which require external video inputs such as DVD players. There is even a monitor made specifically to be attached to the headrest of a seat. Hopefully there is something in the list for you.  Enjoy, but let the kids do the watching while you drive.

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