5 Cheap India Travel Destinations

India is amazing country, and here are the 5 cheapest India travel destinations to help you stretch your money. Remember, before you go to India you need to have a valid passport, and a sense of adventure. Check with your doctor, you may need to get some vaccinations too.

  1. Mumbai/Bombay. For many Westerners, this is a great city to use as the start of their Indian adventure. Since it’s a big city, there are numerous cheap accommodations and great places to find cheap food with a local flair.
  2. Goa’s Beaches. When you want to get away from the hustle and the bustle, head to Goa. Like many beach areas, Goa is an easy place to survive on a budget as small as a bikini. When you’re not enjoying the beach, stop off in a small stall or a local grocery store for a quick snack of local delights.
  3. Darjeeling. This is a must do for any tea drinker who is visiting India and a great way to stretch your budget. Why not make a pilgrimage to a town known for it’s tea production? Tea is one of the cheapest drinks you can find. With some great tea leaves and hot water, you can enjoy a cup of tea with new found friends in a café.
  4. Kanha National Park. If you want to learn about the local animal wildlife, take a trip to the Kanha National Park. Take a photo safari and you will have a chance to meet animals you would only see in zoos in other countries. A trip to the national park is a cheap way to experience the local floral and fauna in India.
  5. Delhi. Delhi is another great international city in India. With hostel rates starting as low as $15 American dollars per night, you can easily save money on your lodging and spend it on hitting the town. If you’re willing to stay in the suburbs, you can pay less than $10 per night.

Now that you have some ideas on five cheap travel destinations in India, what are you waiting for?  Book your tickets, pack a bag, grab your travel journal and GO!

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