5 Cheap Sex Toys

Wondering about 5 cheap sex toys that can stimulate your sex life? Sometimes sex can become somewhat dull. By incorporating toys into the romance, things can become spicier. The problem is that most sex toys are expensive and can't fit into a person’s budget. However, these five cheap sex toys will spice up your sex life without breaking the bank.

  1. Advanced Nipple Suckers These handheld nipple suckers are great for both men and women. There is no extra tubing to get in the way of suction, making these a great choice for nipple play. These can be picked up for less than ten dollars at most online adult stores.
  2. The Double Penetrator This little baby is made from realistic rubber so that you have an all natural feel. This vaginal dong is slightly bigger than the anal dong. It comes as a one-unit toy for easy use. Pricing does vary from store to store; however, it is one of five cheapest sex toys for less than twenty bucks.
  3. Vibrating Cock Ring These are a great spin on the traditional cock rings. Not only do you get all the benefits of a cock ring, but you get great vibrating pleasure for both him and her. These can be purchased with an on button and one speed or an external speed controller with multiple speeds. These awesome toys can be picked up from between nine to fifteen dollars.
  4. Clone a Pussy This awesome kit allows users to make a complete rubber replica of the outer part of the vagina. A man can have his woman anytime he wants her, even when she is not around. This is a unique, cheap sex toy for an average of around fifteen dollars.
  5. The Bullet These small, vibrating egg-shaped toys are super cheap and the ultimate erotic fun. They can be used externally or internally for clitoral stimulation. The Bullet has a price averaging below five dollars.
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