5 Cheating On My Girlfriend Songs

The list of 5 cheating on my girlfriend songs covers all genres of music. It seems there is no specific genre more focused than country western, but rap, R&B and pop come up with relationship killers of their own. All the songs have one thing in common, though; someone's gonna get hurt.

  1. "The Other Woman" – Ray Parker Jr. This unusual hit by the man known previously for his crooning love song was a hit in the 1980's. The retching lyrics blatantly say "I hate to have to sneak, but it feels better when I cheat" giving every woman a cringe and a sinking feeling in their stomach. The open lyrics and upbeat tune place this song on the list of cheating on my girlfriend songs.
  2. "Run to You" – Bryan Adams. The same man who wrote beautiful songs of love for the hit movie "Robin Hood," starring Kevin Cosner, also wrote one of the most notorious cheating on my girlfriend songs with "Run to You." The song tells the story of a man having a secret lover that he goes to each time his lady turns her back. The lyrics suggest that even though his loves his regular lady, nothing feels better than the other woman.
  3. "If Loving You is Wrong (I Don't Want to be Right)" – Luther Ingram. A tender ballad of love for the other woman, the song tells of a man who has found another woman and doesn't wish to give up the first. One of the cheating on my girlfriend songs of the 1970's, this was a big hit for Ingram.
  4. "Human"- Human League. One of the 1980's cheating on my girlfriend songs was this sweet confession of finding someone new while separated from the love of his life. The song lyrics continue to give the listener a second shocking confession that his true love has also cheated.
  5. "Down Low" – Usher. On the list of cheating on my girlfriend songs, Usher takes the cake. The whimsical song blatantly talks of cheating on your girlfriend at clubs.
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