5 Christian Bachelor Party Ideas

There seems to be a misconception that it's impossible to have a decent bachelor party without strippers and tons of booze, so here are 5 Christian bachelor party ideas. These ideas also work if you're just looking for bride friendly bachelor party ideas or if the whole stripper thing simply doesn't appeal to you.

  1. Arrange a cigar and whiskey tasting. Seeing as how a bachelor party is a special occasion, the splurge is justifiable. Look around your area for cigar and whiskey bars. Make sure that the budget is arranged beforehand so the groom doesn't have to pitch in for his own bachelor party. With a whiskey tasting, remember that the point is to enjoy the fine taste of the premium whiskey you're sampling, not to get yourselves wasted.
  2. Take a road trip. Plan the bachelor party far enough in advance before the wedding to make a road trip possible. Where has the groom always wanted to go? What's his favorite city? Sometimes, nothing beats a road trip with the guys. Once again, plan the budget in advance and ensure that all participants (excluding the groom) contribute to the fund.
  3. Go camping. There is probably nothing more masculine than a group of men camping in the woods for the weekend. A camping trip can be enjoyable, whether or not alcohol is involved. Remember, bachelor parties don't need to be soaked in alcohol. Keep the groom's tastes and wishes in mind.
  4. Enjoy a backyard barbecue. If your groom is a quiet type who enjoys being at home, an at-home bachelor party may be just the ticket. A backyard barbecue is also budget and bride friendly. Invite all of the groom's friends and tell everyone to bring a dish to share with the party. This idea would also be very easy to combine into a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. 
  5. Take the groom out to a special event. This bachelor party idea is open to the imagination. Think about what the groom enjoys and plan an outing tailored to his specific interests. If the groom is a sports nut, reserve box seats at an upcoming game of his favorite team. If he's into music, plan the bachelor party around a concert. Use your imagination on this one. If you keep the groom's tastes in mind, he'll be sure to enjoy his bachelor party.
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