5 Christmas Eve Breakfast Ideas

These 5 Christmas Eve Breakfast ideas are sure to get the family in the Christmas spirit. Christmas Eve and Christmas meals are a large part of the celebration of Christmas and can become Christmas traditions without even meaning to! These ideas for Christmas Eve breakfasts are meant to be fun and entertaining while providing a nutritional meal for the whole family. Many of these ideas are meant for children, but adults may love them as well!

  1. Decorate oatmeal. Oatmeal is a very nutritional breakfast item. While some people eat it plain, others prefer to add sugar, brown sugar or milk to it. Use oatmeal as a Christmas Eve breakfast by decorating it with colored sugar. Use an open cookie cutter to create a decoration by sprinkling colored sugar inside it or used a closed cookie cutter by sprinkling sugar on the outside of it to leave the impression of a decoration.
  2. Design pancakes. Make pancakes in different shapes, then decorate with fruit or whipped cream. For instance, make a snowman by pouring two cakes close enough to each other for them to combine into one, making one smaller than the other. Either decorate it yourself or have the children design their own snowman using berries and whipped cream. Bacon or sausage on the side of this Christmas Eve breakfast can be used as arms for the snowman!
  3. Celebrate the simplicity of the day. Christmas Eve is about the night that everything came together for the birth of Christ. Celebrate the simplicity of this idea and the focus of birth by eating only poached eggs for breakfast.
  4. Make a buffet. Buffets are especially good ideas for large families who get together for Christmas Eve breakfast. Create a buffet by asking everyone to bring a dish to submit to the buffet style breakfast, then let everyone choose what they want for their Christmas Eve breakfast.
  5. Make sweet treats. Celebrate the sweetness of life on this special day by making homemade cinnamon rolls or donuts. For a healthier breakfast, try making bran muffins together!
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