5 Chubby Women Sex Tips

Five chubby women sex tips can help you have satisfying sex with the largest of women. Just because a woman has some extra weight doesn’t mean she’ll be any worse in the bedroom. In fact, some positions that work best with chubby women are some of the kinkiest, hottest positions you can try.

  1. Give her confidence. Before you start suggesting sexual positions, the best tip for chubby women sex is to compliment her body. Even if you’re not so keen on having sex with a large woman, if you tell her she’s sexy and hot, she’ll be more likely to let loose, making the sex better. Besides, even if there are still a few extra rolls here and there, she’s still likely to have large breasts and a luscious butt.
  2. Put some pillows under her butt. Before you have sex in missionary position or perform oral sex, stack a few pillows underneath the chubby woman to lift her up. This will distribute her weight better and give you easier access to her vagina and clitoris.
  3. Get in there from behind. Rather than trying to enter a chubby woman from the front, insert your penis from behind. This can be an easier way to access her vagina, or you can have anal sex. Either way, you get a great view of her fleshy rear.
  4. Have sex on the couch. Sit down on the couch and have the chubby woman climb on top of you with her legs spread, supporting herself on her knees and resting her hand on the back of the couch. This sex position gives the chubby woman something to hold onto and allows her to spread her legs more for easier penetration.
  5. Put your penis between her breasts. Chubby women are more likely to have large breasts. A very stimulating sex tip is to insert your penis between her breasts and thrust, as you would during intercourse. This type of sexual activity can be highly arousing.
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