5 Cinco De Mayo Cake Recipes

Looking for 5 Cinco de Mayo cake recipes? Cinco de Mayo is considered by many to be a celebration of Mexican heritage. While there are many delicious delicacies associated with this wonderful holiday that commemorates that pride that the Mexican people have in the United States and abroad, the desserts are arguably one of the greatest treats. In particular, the cakes that have been associated with this holiday range from rich and chocolaty to smooth and delicate. These 5 cake recipes top the list for the tastiest Cinco de Mayo cakes.

  1. The first Cinco de Mayo cake recipe is the Betty Crocker Strawberry Margarita Cake. This cake can be completed in one hour and forty five minutes. It is delicious and the non-alcoholic margarita flavoring makes it fun and festive. This cake tops our list of Cinco de Mayo cakes because of its ease in altering. You can add strawberries to the batter as well as substitute the frosting to create a totally new dessert.
  2. The next cake recipe comes from the Food Network, and is for a Kahlua Flan. This delicious and rich dessert has the added benefit of being able to be created without a mold. This particular creation is a recipe of Emeril Lagasse, who states that he used the Kahlua to “infuse a coffee flavor.” It worked.
  3. The third Cinco de Mayo cake was taken from Woman's Day and is a delicious spin on cheesecake bars. The recipe is for Margarita Cheesecake Bars. While these delicious treats take a whopping three hours to create, the taste is well worth the time. These lemony treats are light and airy. They possess a springtime flavor and melt with each bite. The preparation, though time consuming, is relatively easy to do. Guests will love them!
  4. The next delicious addition to the list is a Cinco de Mayo sombrero cake that was created by Kraft Foods. This cake is a must for those of us who can't decorate a cake but would like to wow our families with specialty desserts. This cake can be made with your favorite flavor of cake mix. While it is a little less straightforward than the cheesecake bars, a novice can easily create this fun and festive cake. Why go to your local grocery store or bakery to buy a specialty cake when you can create your own?
  5. The last cake on our list is another Betty Crocker favorite. The Mexican Chocolate cake combines the rich succulence of chocolate with the crisp warmness of cinnamon. This cake is delicious and screams "Cinco de Mayo" any day of the year. The Betty Crocker site lists a homemade frosting. The trick to this cake is to give it at least three hours to cool prior to adding the frosting, or it will not stick properly. It is not recommended to use a store-bought frosting because the homemade frosting is so much better. Plus, it is easy to make!

Even though Cinco de Mayo may have passed, you can enjoy these delicious cake recipes from this wonderful holiday all year round. The fun and festiveness that these desserts bring will brighten any cookout or special occasion. Many of these recipes can be substituted for taste and are completed in a very short time.


Betty Crocker, Strawberry Margarita Cake

Betty Crocker, Mexican Chocolate Cake

Food Network, Kahlua Flan

Woman's Day, Margarita Cheesecake Bars

Kraft Foods, Sombrero Cake

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