5 Classic Breakdance Video Clips

Take a trip back in time with these five classic breakdance video clips. The '80s were a great time for breakdancing. As the phenomenon grew, everyone was treated to bad outfits, great music and a new form of dancing that would revolutionize the world of dance. Seeing these classic breakdance video clips made every kid want to start a breakdance crew and battle it out on subway platforms and back alleys. These classic breakdance video clips will take you on a trip down memory lance, horrify you with bad outfits and amaze you with how far the art of breakdancing has come.

  1. Rock Steady Crew vs NYC Breakers- This classic breakdance video clip from the 1984 breakdancing classic "Beat Street" is one of the best breakdancing battles to ever be filmed. The way the Rock Steady Crew walks in with their blue hoodies pulled down low builds suspense. It almost feels like someone is going to get cut, but then the floor opens up and the epic breackdancing battle begins.
  2. "Breakin" First Breakdance Battle- The first breakdancing scene from the 1984 movie "Breakin" makes our list of classic breakdance video clips for being awesomely cheesy. As awesome as this clips is, this guy deserved to get served for walking out of the house in that hat and a belly shirt.
  3. "Beat Street" Subway Battle- This classic breakdance video clip makes the list for attempting to make it seem like spontaneous breakdance battles happen every time someone walks into a subway. If taking the subway was this cool, everybody would take public transit every day.
  4. Rock Steady Crew vs Style Elements- The '80s may be gone forever but the Rock Steady Crew has managed to stand the test of time. This classic breakdance video clip from the '90s shows that the crew hasn't missed a beat and that the new members are worthy to carry the moniker of Rock Steady Crew.
  5. "Breakin" Second Breakdance Battle- Once again, the beautiful cheese that is "Breakin" makes our list of classic breakdance video clips. We still think the guy should rethink the hat and the belly shirt, but we enjoyed the way they worked in some power moves into the scene that ended the movie.
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