5 Classic Hair Styles

These 5 classic hair styles for men hearken back to the glamour days of movies and rock and roll (as well as some less-glamorous times). These hair styles are recognized for their iconic nature, and they are thus, cool, even if they are not technically "in fashion." These hair styles are the epitome of cool and will make you feel like a classic star.

What you will need to create the 5 classic hair styles:

  • Barber kit or barbershop
  • Hair mouse or gel
  • Hair comb
  1. Pompadour/Rockabilly look (Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and James Dean). These hair styles are classics that make the wearer look like he was pulled right out of the 1950's. A comb and some hair product (pomade or wax) should be good enough to pull most longer hair cuts into this classic style. Simply ask a barber to trim hair so that it is still fairly long (at least a few inches) in order to style it properly. Then, either a stylist or you can apply pomade to your hair and comb it back and up (so that the hair sticks up as a small bump) for a pompadour. You can use your hand as a guide to help you create the bump.
  2. "Good guy" look (Jimmy Stewart). This clean-cut look is perfect for a guy who wants a nice style without getting too wild. Jimmy Stewart's hair was short–but not too short–and slicked back for a nice and neat look. To get this style, have your hair cut shorter than you would have it for a pompadour (so that it is about an inch or two long), then sweep back your hair with a bit of hair product for a slick look.
  3. "Rat Pack" style (Dean Martin). Straight forward on the top and slicked back on the sides, this style looks nice on most men, though it is best for men with curly hair. Dean Martin's iconic style may be somewhat old-fashioned now, but it is still a good style for guys looking for a classic look. To get this look, have hair trimmed to about one inch, add some hair product and comb back the hair on the side of your head.
  4. Short and straight style (Bruce Lee). Great for straight hair, this look combines medium-length hair with a nice cut that is cropped close to the face. Hair styles like this are perfect for active men who want to look good as they kick butt. For this look, ask for a "brushed bowl" hairstyle, which is like a traditional bowl haircut with less even cuts (so hopefully you don't look like a five year old boy).
  5. Shag haircut (David Cassidy). This style is also good for straight hair. It is a bit bolder than some of the others, mainly because it requires hair to be fairly long. Hair styles that are "shag style" are layered and full, great for a guy who wants to show off his hair. To get this look, ask for a shag haircut with layers. A stylist will cut hair fairly short for the exterior layer of hair and then longer for hair that is closer to your face and neck.
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