5 Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Just because grandma slurps down a teaspoon of the fishy-smelling stuff every morning doesn't mean you're too young to learn about five cod liver oil benefits. Even though it might not sound appetizing, you will line up for a daily dose as soon as you realize all the good cod liver oil can do for you-inside and out.

  1. Kick excess triglycerides to the curb. Triglycerides have their good points. After all, these little fat molecules don't just float in your bloodstream sipping margaritas; they also give you the energy to put in twelve hours at the office. But as with all good things, too much spells trouble. High triglycerides are a major culprit in heart disease, but lucky for you, cod liver oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which could take care of your little triglyceride problem, according to the National Institutes of Health website.
  2. See the glass as half full. If you take anti-depressants, a good dose of cod liver oil may help your meds work more effectively, says the University of Maryland Medical Center website. Whatever you do, don't try to self-treat your depression; only try cod liver oil under a physician's care.
  3. Soothe inflammation. Face it. The older you get, the stiffer you feel. Whether you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or your knees feel crotchety after a round of heavy squats, one cod liver oil benefit is reduced inflammation in your joints. You may even be able to cut down on your dosage of pain relievers, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.
  4. Clear up acne. Do your zits make you feel like you're stuck in middle school all over again? Have you caught yourself rifling through your girlfriend's stash of face potions, hoping she wouldn't notice when her $50 cream ran out? Lucky for you, the vitamin A in cod liver oil fights acne, according to the Medscape Journal of Medicine.
  5. Preserve your prostate. The last thing you want is cancer down there, so man up and take your cod liver oil. The omega-3 fatty acids show promise for preventing prostate cancer, according to the National Institute of Health and the University of Maryland Medical Center website. If that doesn't make you want to take your code liver oil daily, then what will?






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