5 Coffee Table Centerpieces For Men

These five coffee table centerpieces for men will add easy style to your home. Most men, regardless of their design tastes, will want coffee table centerpieces that are practical and require little to no maintenance.

  1. Fruit. A large bowl of fruit is a simple and easy coffee table centerpiece that also keeps your fresh fruit in plain sight to enjoy. Choose a low bowl in a color that blends with your home, a dark wood or colored glass dish are both nice choices. A variety of apples will add a blend of soft autumn colors, while oranges will add a fresh fragrance to your home.
  2. Pinecones. A glass bowl filled with pinecones on a coffee table can make a nice centerpiece in the fall and winter months. You can dust the pinecones with some light paint to mimic snow, or leave them plain for a rustic touch.
  3. Candles. Many men view candles as a feminine centerpiece, but when done right, they can add a great touch of style to your coffee table. Opt for several candles of varying sizes and shapes and avoid matching tapers. A mix of pillar candles in different colors can be nestled together on a tray to provide a great focal point to your home. Bonus, you can light a couple of the candles to instantly set the mood.
  4. Snacks. Most men love the idea of having snacks handy in their living room. A few small bowls arranged together on the table or on top of a decorative tray are a great centerpiece. Fill them with a couple types of nuts, dried fruit, or other non-perishable snacks to have on hand for yourself and guests.
  5. Bamboo. While flowers can be too much for many men, bamboo is sleek and elegant, without being frilly. Lucky bamboo plants are also easy to maintain and can grow with little sunlight. Clusters of bamboo stalks can be found in various shapes and sizes and placed in pots or stones or bowls of water on a coffee table. An odd number of stalks is considered lucky and various numbers provide different benefits, happiness (three stalks), health (seven stalks), or good fortune (nine stalks).
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