5 Common Girlfriend Problems

There are obvious differences between men and women in relationships and most men have experienced these 5 common girlfriend problems. Most guys experience these commons once and some problems may be minor while others give you a splitting headache.

  1. Insecurity. One of the common girlfriend problems is insecurity. While everyone can be insecure, some women often take it to the next level, especially when it involves their looks. Women often compare themselves to other women and assume they are not good looking. If you have this problem with your girlfriend, reassure her she is special; make her feel loved so she can gain enough confidence to stop comparing.
  2. Getting the last word in an argument. Communicating is healthy in a relationship and it is important for both people to speak their minds. However, arguments may occur and when women speak, they truly roar. Unfortunately, men will not hear the last of it. This is one of the most common problems men face with girlfriends. If any man truly wants a peaceful night, it is common knowledge to let her win, otherwise you might face consequences, such as sleeping on the couch or the silent treatment.
  3. Talking about old issues. Some things are worth keeping under the bridge and most men are firm believers in that saying. However, for some women, it is a different story and what was once a problem ten years ago will be mentioned again when a man least expects it. It can be something minor, such as eyeing up a hot lady on the street and while you never commit that "crime" again (at least not in your girlfriend's presence), it is thrown at you if anything triggers her memory to remind her of that time. This is a common problem among many women, but fortunately, those olds thoughts will pass.
  4. Pornography. Girlfriends and pornography do not mix well together and a common problem in relationships, which often lead to breakups. In a man's mind, porn is simply pure entertainment, while girlfriends believe you would rather jerk off to the sight of unattainable women than have actual sex. This is mostly a lose-lose situation for everyone unless both parties compromised.
  5. Sex. Men want it, but women do not always give it. Although sex is not a huge factor for maintaining a great relationship or the glue to hold it together, it is important to often experience sexual intimacy, which brings a couple closer and keep the desire in a relationship stronger. If your problem is the lack of sex with your girlfriend, communicate about your needs and talk about any problems that trigger her neglecting sex in the relationship.
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