5 Common Problems With PS3 And How To Fix Them

If you own a PS3 you probably need to know about these five most common problems with a PS3 and how to fix them. These are some pretty basic fixes that don't involve any kind of serious work such as opening up your system. If you have a major problem such as the yellow light of death, you will need to have it repaired by a professional or send it in to Sony.

To fix these five common problems with a PS3 you will need:

  • PS3 will all parts present
  • TV to test out PS3 fix
  • disc cleaning system
  1. PS3 powers on but there isn’t anything nothing on the screen. This is a common problem that can normally be fixed by just turning off the PS3 and then turning the system back on. If this solution doesn’t work then you will need to hold down the power button until you hear a double beeping sound. At this point take your finger off the system and select click your restoring options. Keep in mind some will delete all of your data! Restoring the PS3 system will almost always fix the problem.
  2. PS3 game/Blu Ray disk freezes while in the middle of playing. This is a problem with not only the PS3 system but many different gaming systems, old and new. The solution to this problem is to just simply restart your system. After this, you shouldn’t have any problems, as this is normally just a fluke with the system.
  3. PS3 can’t read the disk. While this may be a serious problem, sometimes the simplest solution is to simply clean off the disk. If you look at the disk and it dirty then your best bet is going to be and clean it off. If you are an avid gamer you will want to keep a disk cleaning system on hand.
  4. PS3 overheating issues are another very common problem. These are characterized by a beeping and flashing red light on the system. To solve this problem with the system you will need to turn it off for a little while. Something else you need to look into is to make sure the system is getting good circulation by keeping it off of the carpet, and allowing it to have some open space around it, including its sides and back.
  5. PS3 won’t connect to the internet. This problem can usually be solved by simply reconnecting to your internet source through use of either WiFi or the Ethernet cable. Be sure that you have the passcode for the network if there is one present, and also be sure there isn’t any kind of bandwidth cap on the router/ modem that could knock the system off.
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