5 Common PS3 Hard Drive Problem Troubleshoots

Although a gamer can experience different problems with a PS3 hard drive, here are 5 common PS3 hard drive problem troubleshoots that are mostly performed by a PS3 user. A PS3 is one of the cheapest Blue-ray disks which are available in the market. Sometimes, a gamer has to face extraordinarily devastating circumstances while using it. The gamer may have to spend a lot of money to have it fixed. Most of all the gamers do not know about the intracacies of the PS3 system. However, if one does not know about its usefulness, they must have understood about its blue-ray player, which is one of the best entertainment systems ever made. Here are some of the most common troubleshoots which are performed by many people.

What you need:

  • Playstation 3
  • Internet connection (fast)
  • Troubleshoot guides
  1. Sound and video problems. Most of the people ignore buying a PS3 due to video and sound problems that are faced by most of its buyers. The most common problem among such problems is that the TV gets muted. If this happens, then one needs to make sure that audio cables have been installed in a proper way. Other reasons behind it might be that there are some companies which are extremely picky with the cases of copy protection and do not allow some systems to read disks. Input and output audio settings might have also been disturbed due to some reason.
  2. Flashing red light. A flashing red light is a sign of the system being over heated. If something like this happens, the system needs to be shut down so that it can cool off. This situation occurs when there is clogging of air vent or the system clogs due to heat sources.
  3. Damaged DVD. If the DVD is not working, there is a chance that it has been damaged. You need to be make sure that the system is able to read the disk. It has been experienced that there are some PS3 systems which do not have the ability to play disks that have been bought from some other area of the world. Moreover, most of unplayable disks might be used after cleaning them and retrying them in the system. All the disks which are being used by you need to have been recorded by NTSC standard otherwise they will not work. If a disk is not working, check to make sure that it does not have any issue with regional or parental codes on system. Any disk which is being used as a backup needs to be finalized so that the program gets completed.
  4. PSN problems. This type of problem occurs due to wrong DSN settings, or a problem with ISP. These problems can be solved by restarting the wireless router (in case of a wireless connection). If this does not help, DNS settings need to be checked. These might be out of date or not performing at its best way. If this is the case, then you might have chosen an ‘easy’ set up alternative.
  5. Fast Internet connections. Sony has designed this system to work with fast connection, so if you have a dial-up connection, it will not work. To avoid such problems try to use wired connection if easily possible. A limitation attached to this phenomenon is that you cannot take PS3 wherever you want.


  • Disks should not be kept near sunlight or near heat the disks are likely to get damaged.
  • Disks should always be recorded with the help of NTSC.
  • Pressing down the eject button for a longer time might end with refusal for disk’s ejection, so it should not be done.
  • Some disk need to be put in the PS3 with passwords else these will not work.
  • Hook up of a PS3 with a VCR or TV is not advisable. If hooked up incorrectly, it could cause damage to the gaming system.
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