5 Common PS3 Slim Problems And How To Fix Them

Nowadays a lot of people own PS3 Slims, so it is useful to know 5 common PS3 Slim problems and how to fix them. PS3 slim though being the latest model of the Sony Playstation has many problematic issues. Users from all over the world report these issues. Sony Corporation has solved some problems successfully. However; some very basic and repeatedly occurring problems still remain unsolved. Here are five common PS3 Slim problems and ways to fix them.

  1. Freezing of PS3 Slim software is the most common issue but luckily has a very simple solution. Whenever your PS3 slim software freezes just press on the power button for around ten seconds. This will cause it to shut down upon restarting it will work properly.
  2. Overheating or constantly glowing red light indicator is also a very common problem with PS3 slim. To fix it just allow the device to cool down and try to keep it away from other devices that release heat. If this issue occurs frequently, the most probable cause could be a possible clogging in the ventilation system. In case of a complicated problem, ask for professional help.
  3. Another problem that is commonly reported is a predicament in reading game DVDs. To fix this, first press the eject button for ten seconds which will open the reader slot then try cleaning the disc then try playing it again. If this does not work there might be a problem with region coding or parental coding issues.
  4. Distortion in video is also a very common issue with PS3 slim. To repair it, hold down the power button immediately after starting the device. When two beeps occur one after the other, release the button. This will cause a manual display to appear, now choose the best video option for supporting the video format. If this does not solve the issue then there must be a problem with the video card, overheating usually causes this situation. In case of this scenario the best option is to seek professional help.
  5. Sometimes there is a problem loading the XMB. To fix this just go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘System restore’, this will restore the settings. If this does not solve the problem, your hard drive might be corrupted. Replace it by any other PS 3 slim compatible hard drive.
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