5 Computer Keyboards That Light Up

Keyboard are the main input device utilized by practically all computer users today, that’s why picking a keyboard is essential for an enjoyable and comfortable computer experience, so why not make it one of these 5 computer keyboards that light up? Nothing says Too Cool for School like an illuminated keyboard. Illuminated boards have special keys that are translucent or sometimes crystal clear and a backlight, that lights up to a keyboard enabling users to see the keys in the dark, adding functionality and artistic to an otherwise boring peripheral.

Here are some samples to help you out firsthand with illuminated keyboards:

  1. The Super Slim Acrylic Keyboard, which is preferable for working in subdued light conditions, is sported with high intensity blue EL backlight on the keys bringing it more comfort in working at the dark. It also boasts its super slim figure with laptop style keys helps to take up the bare minimal desktop real-estate.
  2. The Two Color Character Logisys Illuminated Keyboard features a special "ILLUMINATION” key, located at the top right corner, which enables you to choose your display between two colors (red and blue). Logisys Illuminated Keyboard also has special characteristics like extra large enter and backspace keys, a deluxe-sized palm rest, plenty of multimedia characters, and other features.
  3. The Modtek Flexible EL Illuminated known for being flexible, literally. Boasts a body made of silicone that gives it flexibility. The keyboard is so pliable you can actually bring it anywhere you go, most preferably on night trips because of its EL backlight.  If you prefer to work at night at and don't want to disturb your roommate, this is the perfect keyboard for you.
  4. The Satek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard is illuminated with LED backlight that is available in different colors that actually illuminate through the keys for use in any condition, day or night. It is also known for its award winning alphanumeric keys—their silky smooth feel delivers a satisfying experience.
  5. The Sunbeam Multimedia Illuminated Keyboard features a sleek slim profile that enhances the look of your desktop. Brilliant EL lighting enables you to find keys easily in the dark making it perfect for LAN parties and late night web surfing. One-touch hot keys bring internet and multimedia control to the tips of your fingers. Easy touch style keys greatly improve your typing speed over traditional long throw keyboards.

Anyone of these boards is enough to impress the rest of the boys at the LAN party. But they do have their practical functions too. 

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