5 Contemporary Home Bar Ideas

These 5 contemporary home bar ideas offer a few suggestions to modernize a home interior by adding a new bar to the existing room or improving an outdated look for a current home bar. Home bars allow a communal space where food can be served and a space for family members and guests to sit to enjoy home media or simply to talk or play cards and games. Bars, when planned and executed well, also add value to an older home or condo. As with all home decoration, home bar designs change over time. Contemporary home bar ideas should take into consideration the age of the home, the overall architectural styling of what is already in place and the preferences of the homeowner, with an eye toward possible resale in future years. 

  1. Smoke and Mirrors. One contemporary home bar idea takes the bar into the past with the use of mirrors on all the surfaces and on the walls surrounding the bar. Rather smoked mirrors, with a light coloring, to add a bit of mystery to the bar. The smoke-tinted mirrors can be dark, almost black in color, dark gray or even a deep brown that appears black until examined closely. The dark colors should be reflected in the paint or stain used on other furniture in the bar area. The wall paint, main bar foundation and the bar stools, provide a basic foundation color that highlights the mirrors. Cover the rear of the bar area with mirrors and highlight the look by putting a mirrored cover on the bar top. Polished stainless steel works well in blending withe mirrors while allowing a durable surface for the top. Add a few mirrored dishes and martini glasses and you have the smoke and mirrors look. 
  2. Poker and Gaming. High-stakes gambling is the focus of this contemporary home bar idea. Select a bar that has your favorite game and add bar stools to match. Think Las Vegas gaming table meets Reno. If video gambling is to your taste, add a laptop at each station instead of the traditional felt bar top. Incorporate traditional touches including bar glasses from your favorite casinos or online gambling sites. Add a patterned carpet that resembles the upscale Vegas hotels and the look is complete.
  3. High Tech. This contemporary home bar idea uses the future as a theme. Think plastic and plastic fabrics. Drape the back of the bar with a large fabric piece with a space-age abstract design. Paint both the bar and the bar stools in a color that matches the drapery. Add chrome bar ware that resembles the Machine Age period –sleek and modern lines– and buy some clear, heavy glassware and you're ready for guests. 
  4. 1970s-Retro. Bring plastics and bright colors back from the 1970s in this tasteful and fun idea for a contemporary home bar. Upholstered chairs and couches in textured fabrics work well for this look. Add a mirrored disco ball and a wood-parquet floor for dancing. The bar itself in this contemporary home bar idea uses materials popular during the decade including laminate and wall carpet on the front. Add high-backed barstools of wood with heavy fabric seats to complete the look. Bar ware should incorporate some sort of gold pattern. 
  5. Communication and Brews. A contemporary home bar idea that features home media and communication fits the needs of a modern family or couple into the Internet and cable programming. The center of this home bar idea is the wide-screen television, computers and phone communications. The contemporary bar in this design features laptops or more traditional computers. The space behind the bar is covered with  a monster screen and speakers. The main surface of this bar can be raised for high stools or use regular dining chairs and a lower-level bar. Stain and paint should match the media selected.
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