5 Cool Basketball Tricks

Those who need to know five cool basketball tricks will love the next five tricks. These tricks are easy enough for the beginner to learn and can also assist the average player in taking their game to a new level. When used, these tricks are not only fun but totally cool.


  1. The first of five cool basketball tricks is the first that most beginners learn. The Sweep consists of moving the ball in a sweeping motion across the midsection, after which the right foot is moved outside of the defender's right foot.
  2. The next cool basketball trick is a freestyle trick which is affectionately named the Tornado. This trick is wicked to watch. In essence, the ball is passed above the defender's head tricking them into believing that the ball has been passed to someone else. The ball is shuffled to the other hand. A quick spin then leaves the defender in the dust.
  3. The next cool basketball trick on the list of five cool basketball tricks is the box out. This trick basically consists of using your forearm to cause the rebound. This trick is great for beginners but is also used by many basketball greats in professional play.
  4. The fourth cool basketball trick is a dribble. The crossover dribble is used by greats such as Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant. To utilize this dribble, step with the left foot and then move with your right foot. This will cause the defender to think you are going in one direction, but you will then go in the opposite direction.
  5. The final cool basketball trick on the list of five cool basketball tricks is the Spin. This move is a classic. Basically, it involves dribbling with one hand, stopping and then rotating and dribbling with the opposite hand. This is one of the five coolest basketball trick because of its simplicity and ease of learning. 

Basketball players of all levels can learn these five cool basketball tricks. They are fun to watch and exciting to do. Hard work and determination can yield great success as a basketball player. Once learned, all of the fun of being an accomplished basketball player can be obtained.


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