5 Cool Drinking Games For 2 Players

These 5 cool drinking games for 2 players can turn a boring night at home with a friend to a drunken laugh fest. Drinking games are often played by college kids, but people of all ages (above drinking age) can have fun with these games. Many times, the games are played in large groups or at parties, but there is no reason to wait for a special occasion. With just a friend in tow, you can let the games begin.

  1. High Low. All you need for this drinking game for 2 players is alcohol and a deck of cards. Deal out the entire deck between the two players. Pour shots or have a glass of alcohol ready to drink. Each player shuffles their cards and places into a stack. On go, each player turns over the top card of their stack. The person with the lowest card drinks.
  2. Simple Dice. For this drinking game for 2 players you need a two dice and plenty of alcohol. The first player rolls the dice. If they roll a total of less than 10 total combination of dice, the roller drinks. If the player rolls over 10, the other person drinks. If the player rolls doubles, or the same number appears on both dice, both players drink.
  3. Quarters. This classic drinking game for 2 players involves a shot glass, alcohol and a 25 cent piece. Each player sits a shot glass in front of them and attempts to bounce a quarter off the table and into the shot glass. If they succeed, the other player drinks a shot. If they fail, they drink a shot.
  4. Drunken Poker. This drinking game for 2 players is based on Stud poker. Players take turns shuffling a deck of cards and dealing out five cards to both persons. The best hand wins and the opposite player takes a shot.
  5. "And." This funny drinking game for 2 players happens by telling stories. The point is to avoid the word "and". The first person tells a short made up story. Each time she says "and" she must drink. The game then shifts to the next player who begins to tell a story. When she says "and", she must drink. This game is good for those not looking to get drunk in a short time, but rather to enjoy each others company with a few laughs.
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