5 Cool Halloween Themed Watches

The 5 best, cool, Halloween-themed watches are made for people who enjoy the holiday so much that they have to celebrate it the whole year round by essentially wearing a reminder of it on their wrist. If you are a Halloween maniac who just can't get enough of that occasion, then show the world how crazy you are about that holiday by buying and wearing some cool, Halloween-themed watches.

  1. Halloween Haunted House Watch. If you are a fanatic for the holiday of Halloween, there is no better way to show it than by donning this Halloween Haunted House Watch. It takes the first place on this cool, Halloween-themed watch list because it features the vivid drawing of a very neat-looking haunted house on the watch face, complete with all kinds of Halloween decor like bats and jack o' lanterns.
  2. Whimsical Watches Personalized Halloween Ghost Watch. At number two because of your ability to choose miniatures that artists and craftsmen skillfully place underneath the domed crystal of the watch, this cool, Halloween-themed watch will spruce up your holiday in a hurry. With quartz movement for accurate time keeping and a leather strap, this watch is also a serious piece for lovers of quality.
  3. Halloween Theme Stone Case with Black Rubber Stamp. This cool, Halloween-themed watch takes the third spot because of its simplicity and the grinning and leering pumpkin that prominently takes up the whole watch face. It is also good investment because it is priced relatively cheaply, which makes it all the more appealing in these times of economic hardship under President Obama.
  4. Halloween Flying Witch Theme Black Leather. If you have ever wanted a cool, Halloween-themed watch that features the figure of a witch flying along on her broomstick, then this baby is made for you. Now you can not only tell the time with this nifty timepiece, but you can also proudly show off your enjoyment of Halloween and witches to all your friends.
  5. Halloween Ghost Gift Watch. There is nothing better than the typical image of a ghost, a white sheet with holes punched in the cloth for eye holes, to represent Halloween. With this cool, Halloween-themed watch, you can enjoy the image of a white sheet-wearing ghost spooking you every time that you have the guts to check the time.
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