5 Cool Lowrider Paint Jobs

Looking for 5 cool lowrider paint jobs? While everyone appreciates the cool paint job on a lowrider as the car cruises past, only the enthusiast understands its importance. The need for a cool paint job rivals the hydraulic system in terms of necessity. Most cool lowrider paint jobs require a professional painter or finisher to achieve. Always check the previously completed work of a painter prior to letting him apply your cool paint job.

  1. Retro flames. One cool lowrider paint job is a throw-back to the 1950s hotrod. Red and yellow flame shapes airbrushed on a black coat definitely qualify as cool for a lowrider. The flames are cartoonish in nature and pointed at the tips. They typically fade from red at the base or beginning of the flame area to yellow at the tips. The flames are placed on the hood with the tips reaching for the windshield and painted along the front quarter panels. This cool paint job for your lowrider works well for cars with smaller hoods and front quarter panels as the fading flames will cause the area to look elongated.
  2. Ghost flames. Another cool lowrider paint job is a take-off of the retro flame paint job. Ghost flames are complex flame patterns drawn only in white outline without filler color. The flames often overlap each other and, unlike retro flames, appear as separate flames instead of a fire. The design is placed on the base coat color of choice. The flames are placed on the hoods, trunks and doors or cover the entire car.
  3. The lady. Airbrushing a lovely lady on the hood is a cool option for a lowrider paint job. The appearance of the woman is up to the owner. A voluptuous shape is common, but any image is usable.
  4. Stripes. Many cool lowrider paint jobs are created using different sizes of stripes running down the sides of the car in various color patterns. The colors are often contrasting to the base coat to add a bright flash. Typically, the stripes vary in width to draw more attention.
  5. Fades. Very cool lowrider paint jobs are often achieved using a color fade appearance. The top of the car begins with the lightest shade of the selected color and slowly fades to the darkest shade at the bottom of the vehicle. This cool paint job requires a professional with experience in color mixing.
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