5 Cool Running Pace Calculators

Running is hard enough without having to calculate splits in your head; check out these 5 cool running pace calculators and always know how close you are to your goal time.

  1. Runner's World Pace Calculator. Input your desired pace and distance to get your time for any distance. With this running pace calculator,  you can print your split times and wear them on your wrist. Yeah, it's kind of like wearing a bracelet, but it is a manly bracelet if your worried about that.  It is especially useful if you are running a marathon; the last thing you want to be doing is math.
  2. Running Planet Pace Calculator. Input your race results and distance; this pace calculator will break down your running pace into "Minutes Per Mile", "Minutes Per Kilometer", "Miles Per Hour", "Kilometers Per Hour".  
  3. Greg McMillan Running Calculator. Calculate your running pace for any distance from the 100 meters to 26.2 miles and this pace calculator, which was developed by long distance coach, Greg McMillan, will give you a projected finish time for any race you want to run. There is also a function to view your ideal paces for speed workouts, tempo runs and long runs.
  4. Merv's Running Calculator. In America, we hate converting measurements to the metric system and races are often measured in kilometers; Merv's Running Calculator does these conversions for you. This running pace calculator also uses your race time for one distance to predict your finish time for other common distances. Bonus: Merv's pace calculator converts your treadmill pace to what would be your flat, outdoor pace.
  5. Cool Running Calculators. Calculate your pace per mile or per kilometer with the Cool Running Pace Calculator. Bonus: Cool Running also has calculators to estimate your ideal body weight and target heart rate. 



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