5 Cool Snowboard Rail Designs

Variety adds excitement, which is why we are going to look at 5 cool snowboard rail designs. These snowboard rail designs provide different rides and different challenges than the normal, boring straight rail. Every snowboarder knows that a greater challenge means more fun, so it's time to check out these five cool snowboard rail designs and see how fun they are.

  1. Rainbow Rail The first of the five cool snowboard rail designs is the Rainbow Rail. The Rainbow Rail is named that way because it is shaped like a rainbow; it starts low, reaches a peak and then curves back down. This design provides a challenge, as a snowboarder must get enough speed to reach the pinnacle of the rail and be able to handle the acceleration on the way down. 
  2. C-Rail. The next snowboard rail design is the C-Rail. The C-Rail is similar in shape to the Rainbow Rail. In fact, it is much like a Rainbow Rail turned on its side. The challenge in riding a C-Rail is being able to control your momentum around a curve. This is hard to do as your mass is naturally inclined to travel in a straight line. 
  3. Kink Rail. The Kink Rail is one of the most challenging rail designs to ride. A Kink Rail starts out like a regular straight rail, but as the name suggests, it has a kink. The kink is where the rail will suddenly drop into a steeper angle. The suddenness of the change can be very difficult for a snowboarder to handle as they try to control their balance while their speed and angle of descent increases. 
  4. Multi Kink Rail. The Multi Kink Rail is very similar to the Kink Rail. The difference with the Multi Kink Rail is that the rail will straighten out again after the first kink. This doesn't mean you are safe though, as after the second section of straight rail there will be another kink to challenge you. Multi Kink Rails can have many kinks depending on their length. 
  5. Snake Rail. The last of the five cool snowboard rail designs is the Snake Rail. The Snake Rail is basically multiple C-Rails put together so the direction of the curves is alternating. The entire rail looks like a snake slithering through the snow. If you thought it was difficult to follow the turn on a C-Rail, get ready for a real challenge with the Snake Rail.  
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