5 Cool Vintage Eyeglass Frames

If you’re looking for something different for your unique peepers check out these 5 cool vintage eyeglass frames. Need to see but don’t love the trendy glasses frames?  Go vintage! With everything from plastic to metal and in all shapes, there is something here

  1. Horn Rim. In 1900 people began experimenting with plastic as a material for eyeglasses frames and they were tremendously popular until the 1930s. Made famous by stylish wearer’s such as Buddy Holly and Harold Lloyd, follow their lead and grab a pair!
  2. Round metal. Popular in the 1930's – 1940's round metal framed glasses are a great, cool vintage eyeglasses style that are perfect for people with a square shaped face. Think John Lennon style frames, they’ll make you feel creative and cool, imagine!
  3. Rimless glasses. Most popular in the 1930s – 1950's, rimless frames have made something of a comeback in recent years and remain one of the coolest vintage eyeglasses. While they flatter diamond and triangle shaped faces, they really are great for almost anyone. Try a pair on; you won’t believe how light you’ll feel!
  4. Catseye.  How could there be a list of cool vintage eyeglasses without these?  Most popular in 1950's and 1960's Catseye frames are some of the most recognizable style of glasses frames. It takes a strong face to pull off these frames but if they’re for you nothing could be more retro and cool.
  5. Heavy plastic frames.  Tremendously popular in the 1960’s heavy plastic frames have never gone out of style and still top the list of cool vintage eyeglasses. Fairly easy to wear as long as you ensure that the size of the frame doesn’t overwhelm your face, there is something in this style for anyone. You can choose classic black, tortoise or stylish colors; it’s the perfect way to personalize your look!
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