5 Coolest Antique Mens Rings

There is a lot of talk about antique jewelry for women, but let’s not ignore the guys; here are the 5 coolest antique men’s rings. Antique jewelry is full of weird, quirky surprises, and the following pieces are no exception. Purchasing antique jewelry can be somewhat expensive depending on where you find it, but if you select well, it can be a piece that you will have forever.

  1. Georgian secret locket rings. Popular in the early 19th century, this cool antique men’s ring is beautiful on its own, without any bells and whistles. However, it does have one or two tricks up its sleeve. There is a hidden hinge on the ring which allows for a piece on the outside to lift up, revealing a secret compartment. Often these rings will have initials on the outside and inscriptions on the inside. What was in the compartment is a mystery, but with this ring, you can make your own story!
  2. Portrait rings. Coming from the latter part of the 18th century, this cool antique men’s ring is a perfect representation of the era’s movement from baroque styles to streamlined silhouettes. These small gold rings feature a portrait of a gentlemen of at least a fair amount of wealth; due to this, you’ll never find two of the same ring, and they can be quite rare.
  3. Renaissance merchant rings. Coming from the 16th century, these are some of the most symbolic and historical rings on this list. This cool antique men’s ring was meant to mimic family crests for the purpose of business. Business owners would design their own mini crests and have them pressed into a gold ring. This would be used as an insignia, a signature that would be pressed into hot wax as a seal. Each ring would be different and would represent a different type of business and business owner.
  4. Moonstone gem rings. This cool antique men’s ring was popular in the mid 20th century and is very manly and subtle. Typically made from platinum, a colorless moonstone gem is cut and laid into the center of the ring in a dome shape. Small diamonds would often be placed on either side of the moonstone.
  5. Victorian signet locket rings. These cool antique men’s rings are truly special! On the face of these rings is an engraved coat of arms or initials. These were used to act as the owner’s signature and could be pressed into hot wax as a seal. Not only do signet locket rings feature the engraved seal, but also a tiny hinge that allows the top of the ring to flip open and reveal a small compartment.
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