5 Coolest Aspects Of Mid Century Modern Architecture

Are you curious about the 5 coolest aspects of mid-century modern architecture? Mid-century modern architecture is about using natural products and open floor plans to bring the outdoors inside, and the overall effect can be very cool. Mid-century buildings and homes are designed with clean lines. Furniture, rugs, paint and carpeting colors also reflect nature in this type of modern architecture. Read on for some of the cooler aspects of modern architecture from the mid-century.

  1. Glass and windows. With mid-century architecture, many windows, sliding doors and glass panels are used to create window walls to allow nature into the house or building. This cool aspect of modern buildings also serves to light and heat the house or building during the day if the glass is used primarily on the south side of the house.
  2. Flat or slightly angled roofing defines mid-century modern architecture. Roofing is slightly angled for cleaner lines on mid-century homes and buildings. Flat roofing is a bit more popular for the modern architecture movement.
  3. Stones, boulders and bricks. Large stones, bricks or boulders are used in cool ways both inside and outside of mid-century homes and commercial buildings. When used in homes, it is not uncommon to see an entire wall of stones or bricks encompassing a fireplace. Building foyers are walled with marble for a natural look.
  4. Exposed ceiling beams. This Mediterranean effect is used in mid-century homes more than in commercial buildings to give a cool, modern architectural appeal. The beams are finished to match or contrast with the ceiling wood itself, or painted white.
  5. Wood. Wood is used almost throughout mid-century homes. Floors, ceilings, hand rails and sometimes even entire walls or rooms are used to enhance natural beauty. The wood can be left natural or painted to create the desired effect.
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