5 Coolest Converse

Converse are classic shoes for men and women, and the 5 coolest Converse simply emphasize just how versatile and stylish the footwear can be. Providing comfort and style is not easy, and few brands manage to pull it off as easily as Converse shoes do. Although there are literally hundreds of styles to choose from, narrowing it down to five gives just a taste of what Converse is all about.

  1. Make Your Own Converse. Although it's not a style you can run to the nearest mall to find, Converse offers the option of customized shoes on their website. Customers can select shoe style, color, designs, even initial the shoes if they wish. Just about any style imaginable is possible, right down to shoelace color. This way, the Converse can be as cool as your imagination wants them to be.
  2. RED Robert Indiana. The RED movement is sweeping the country, with products bearing the RED trademark being sold to go to countries that need help the most. Converse follows this trend with their RED shoe line. The RED Robert Indiana shoes are black with "love" inscribed on the side, a simple reminder of what makes the world turn. If those Converse weren't cool enough yet, money from the purchase goes to the RED foundation, and what can be better than knowing your purchase helps make the world a better place?
  3. Chuck Taylor All Star X-Hi. Converse is way more than simple shoes, and these X-Hi shoes prove it. These ride to around the mid-calf, or can be pulled down and laced for a two-tone look. Available in a variety of colors, the X-Hi shoes can make a statement no matter how they are worn, and stand out from all the ordinary tennis shoes around.
  4. Chuck Taylor All Star Double Upper. Because one is never enough, Converse now offers these shoes. With double eyelets and double canvas upper fabric, these shoes offer a vivid blue and black contrast, with hundreds of lacing possibilities. It's an easy to make a statement and still stick with the original cool Converse shoes.
  5. Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic. Designed with a new idea in mind, these shoes provide a stark contrast to the typical Converse design. With a dyed metallic leather upper canvas, these cool Converse mean business. They are part of a new line designed by John Varvatos, and can be worn on the court or on the street, the black leather shine versatile enough to go anywhere. They maintain the classic Converse look, with a leather finish.
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