5 Coolest Monster Garage Cars Ever

The 5 coolest "Monster Garage" cars ever include some of the wackiest ideas to come out of the Discovery Channel show and host Jesse James. The rules were simple: create a stock-looking vehicle with an unconventional function using a set budget and just seven days for the design to testing process. The result included mobile wedding chapels and breweries as well as cars that could fly, boats that could drive on land and one bright red fire truck limo. After the television series wrapped in 2006, these 5 coolest "Monster Garage" cars and many more were auctioned off to the highest bidder.

  1. The mobile wedding chapel. Using a team of builders, including a real-life minister, the "Monster Garage" crew transformed a standard 1994 Chevrolet Suburban into a wedding chapel on wheels. The finished monster was complete with a red carpet ramp for the happy couple and a functioning organ.
  2. The fire truck brewery. Jesse James and master brewers from Coors and the Stone Brewing Company converted a vintage fire truck into a mobile brewery capable of creating 156 barrels, or over 50,000 twelve-ounce bottles, of beer per year. The fire truck brewery was arguably one of the coolest "Monster Garage" cars ever, appearing at the Great American Beer Festival in 2004.
  3. The fire truck limo. In a reverse of the fire truck brewery, the fire truck limo featured a fully functioning fire truck in a 1996 Lincoln Towncar limo. Painted a custom bright red, this cool "Monster Garage" car could extinguish flames in a six-story building, pumping 1,250 gallons of water per minute.
  4. The flying car. The most expensive of these cool "Monster Garage" cars, Jesse James enlisted a team of aircraft engineers to turn a $100,000 Panoz Esperante into a one-of-a-kind flying car. Using a propeller engine and handmade wings, the flying car successfully completed a 280-foot test flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the location of the Wright Brothers first flight.
  5. Jet boat car. A favorite for "Monster Garage" builders and fans alike, the jet boat car turned a custom Ultra Shadow Pickle-Fork jet boat upside down and mounted it on a custom chassis. The unique creation, which could arguably be classified as both a car and boat, is easily one of the coolest "Monster Garage" cars ever.
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