5 Coolest Snowboarding Books

You live to snowboard, so you want to get the 5 coolest snowboarding books. Whether you’re an airdog nailing aerial tricks, or a newbie on the bunny slope, there’s a cool skateboarding book for you. No matter when or where you go ripping, bring one or more of these books along to stoke your passion for the sport. These are the top 5 snowboarding books that will get you amped to ride.

  1. “The Art of Snowboarding: Kickers, Carving, Half-Pipe, and More”, by Jim Smith. Written by a USSA certified club coach, this book gives you step-by-step stop-action pictures of professionals demonstrating snowboarding techniques. It includes how to do the basics, as well as jumps, riding rails, and half pipe skills.  Reading the book is like getting Jim Smith's professional snowboard coaching.
  2.  “Let It Rip: The Ultimate Guide to Snowboarding”, by Greg Daniells. Here’s a comprehensive guide teaching beginner to advanced techniques. This book includes everything from how to get on and off a ski lift to competitive snowboarding moves. Lots of pictures are in this one. Greg Daniells has been a snowboard instructor for decades, and shares his tips and secrets to success.
  3.  “Go Snowboard: Read It, Watch It, Do It”, by Neil McNab. This book comes with a DVD that demonstrates snowboarding techniques. Great for the beginner, it teaches proper technique and gives you drills to practice. Note that the boarder on the DVD rides goofy. (right foot front) Those who learn visually will love this. It teaches you how to use foot pressure to use the board the way it was designed to be used.
  4. “Snowboarding the World”, by Matt Barr, Chris Moran, and Ewan Wallace. This reviews resorts and skate parks in 19 countries of the world. Gives tips on traveling, eating , and sleeping on skateboarding trips. If you're planning a trip of snowboard mania, you need this detailed, photo packed guide that's tailored to the traveling boarder.
  5. “The Snowboard Guide: North America”, edited by Low Pressure Publications. Over 400 photos and 264 color pages in this guide show you 75 resorts for snowboarding in the U.S. and Canada. Well organized reviews include maps, stats on snow, and travel info. This one is easy to use, reliable, and a must for snowboard journeying.
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