5 Coolest Vintage Sports T Shirts

These are 5 five coolest vintage sports t shirts. Sports have a special place in Americas heart. Athletes get paid more than the president and teams are watched more than television sitcoms. So in similar fashion, fans want to wear vintage shirts just to remember the good old days of their teams glory days. Well these are the five coolest vintage sports t shirts. Here they are.

  1. 1980 Powder Blue Phillies Shirt- This shirt is an instant classic. The team that wore this shirt could possibly be one of the best of the entire decade featuring the best pitcher and third base man of the 80's, Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt. The 1980 Phillies are one of the very few teams to wear baby blue as a primary color, and they are the only team to make it look half decent.
  2. 2003 Miami Dolphins Jersey Shirt- The Miami Dolphins have one of the best histories of any professional team, so it is only obvious that one of their vintage shirts would be the coolest. Although 2003 may not have been a great season for them, the orange jerseys were still the talk of the NFL.
  3. Colorado Avalanche Royal Blue Shirt- The Colorado Avalanche may not be one of the best teams ever, but when they wore these royal blue jerseys with the word Avalanche going down it diagonally, it was bound to become one hell of a great vintage t shirt.
  4. 2001 San Francisco Giants Black Jersey Shirt- The year that Barry Bonds led them to the world series was the year they wore some of the greatest jerseys around. This blend of black and orange looks so suave that even people from out of town have to admit that these are some of the coolest t shirts they have rver seen.
  5. Chicago Bulls Retro Red- Every one has seen highlight clips of Michael Jordan making a spectacular slam dunk in these red jerseys, well now those red jerseys have been transformed into some of the coolest vintage sports shirts ever. Even if you do not enjoy basketball you will get instant style points when you wear this t shirt out.
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