5 Coolest Vintage Surf Photos

Choosing the five coolest vintage surf photos isn't an easy task. Surfing is one of the oldest sports in the world, dating back to the 15th century. Through time, the aesthetics of the sport has evolved into a beautiful art form that is exciting and pleasing to watch. Many thousands of pictures have been taken by photographers from around the world, shooting the bright scenery, cool blue waters and surfers catching the big waves and hanging on or crashing down. Regardless of which pictures are chosen, there is always something about a surfing photo that you just can't capture in any other sport.


  1. Larry Bertlemann. The photo of Larry Bertlemann touching the water as he surfs under the waves is an iconic picture in surfing history. This is one of the five coolest vintage surf photos ever taken. The photographer was Dan Merkel.

  1. Kelly Slater. Known as the mainstream surfing darling, Slater has an array of cool photos, so it's hard to just pick a single photo for one of the five coolest vintage surf photos. There is one shot of Slater engulfed in a sea of blue water as he tunnels through the surf ready to emerge at the other end.

  1. Jeff Ho. Jeff Ho was best known for his work with the Z-Boys in Dogtown as the owner and surfboard designer at the Jeff Ho skate shop. Ho's black and white picture of him as a young man surfing in the water, barely hanging on and fading into the sun is one of the five coolest vintage surf photos ever taken.

  1. Lisa Andersen. Lisa has been credited for reviving women's surfing to the modern fan. Lisa has surfed for twenty years and the picture of her taking a wave sideways in the cool blue water has been profiled in many surfing magazines all over the world. Lisa's photo has earned a spot as one of the five coolest vintage surf photos of all time.

  2. Jock Sutherland. The 1967 previously unreleased photo of Jock at Waimea Bay is as vintage as it gets. This shot gets one of the five coolest vintage surf photos due to numerous reasons, including the tapping of the face of the wave with his finger.

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