5 Corny Ways To Ask A Girl Out

There are numerous ways to express your love for someone but the 5 corny ways to ask a girl out that are covered in this article are designed to help men who need some extra help. Everybody fears rejection and if there is a really special girl in your life it is important to get things started on the right foot. Confident guys or men who know that their advances will definitely be accepted do not have to resort to corny chat up lines. However when there is a degree of doubt about whether a girl feels the same way you to it is often best to try your luck with one of the 5 corny ways to ask her out.

  1. Ask her out by serenading her.  Song has long been used as a corny way to ask out girls. There are various ways to go about singing to the one you love. You could grab the microphone in a karaoke bar or show up under her balcony with a rose between your teeth playing your guitar. If you live near a canal you could get a friend to row you to wherever she is hanging out and sing to her as if you are a Gondola driver from Venice.  
  2. Send her a custom made CD of love hits. Get out your microphone and record a simple message for the girl of your dreams onto your PC. Say something like "Hey baby, I just wanted you to know how I feel and these songs are to let you know." Then find some corny songs about asking a girl out or other love songs by Michael Bolton, Rick Astley or old time favorites like Tony Bennett. Burn them onto a CD along with your message and mail it to her. 
  3. Ask her out at a public event. If you are at a disco or a carnival jostle your way into the announcers booth and tell him you have an important announcement to make. The girl of your dreams will be amazed to hear your tender voice over the speaker system. Even if she does not want to date you she will feel compelled to when the crowd start applauding your request for a date. This is one of the most corny ways to ask a girl out but it works every time.  
  4.  Use a corny movie quote to ask a girl out. There are numerous corny movie lines that involve someone being asked out. Many of them involve women asking men out and they are some of the best to use. Tell her she "completes you" or that you are "Just a guy standing in front of a girl asking her to love him." The girl in question will likely be ecstatic at your romantic proposal and will almost certainly agree to a date.
  5. Just call her to say you love her. Stevie Wonder came up with a brilliant plan for asking girls out when he released his classic song "I just called to say I love you." Calling on the phone removes the awkwardness and the nervous eye contact from the equation. If you call late at night she is probably alone and more inclined to talk without being distracted by friends or family. Just keep it simple and it it sure to have instant results.
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