5 Cougar Dating Sites

Here are the 5 best cougar dating sites. Normally, relationships involving older women charming younger men are considered faux pas. However, with the premier of the television series "Cougar Town" there is stronger credence that your inner desire to date cougars may not be against the social norm any longer.

  1. Cougered. This ideal site is free to use and for those who are new (and shy) to the cougar game they provide an “advanced wink system.” This method of virtual winking mimics the playfulness masked behind a real wink to show someone that you’re interested without having to use words. The simplistic interface is easy to navigate around and you are not required to enter information that you don’t want to reveal compared to other dating sites.
  2. Dateacougar. This site has a cougar seeking cub(males) method which for guys who’d rather be considered a lion can be a put off. Regardless, the layout of the site is more detailed with more photos to browse over before signing up for free. You’re able to input search credentials or search by state altogether. Some photos are withheld from view to entice you to sign up but considering the plethora of photos available for view it’s no wonder that this site should be mentioned second in this list of cougar dating sites.
  3. Cougarlife. Another cougar dating site which leaves you shrouded in mystery when you land on the home page. After entering a few search credentials you’re given about five pictures of people in your area who are on the prowl as well. Though it is a free site it leaves much to be desired upon first visiting though after you sign up your dreams may very well come true.
  4. UrbanCougar. This is a cougar dating site that definitely takes a walk on the wild side and is deserving of being recognized on this list of cougar dating sites. With rock/metro feel to the layout of the site, you’re sure to find some fun on this site. What’s grand about this site is that you’re not just bound to the U.S. You’re free to check out interested individuals around the world. Furthermore, this cougar dating site does more than provide you profiles upon profiles of cougars/cubs and takes the step of developing articles of interest, Cougars of the Month, and a forum to connect with others. If you haven’t signed up, yet, you might want to take a moment and shimmy on over.
  5. Gocougar. The last den today isn’t as polished looking as some of the other sites but it definitely has the feel of community. With a forum to engage in discussions, pictures to browse over and personal blogs for interested persons to follow it was only honorable to include this dating site among the top five cougar dating sites.

So despite Google pulling ads for cougar dating sites in May 2010, you don’t have to fear being alone. With these top cougar dating sites you’re sure to find a treasure locked behind a registration page or two. So get on with it and start breaking the ice. Mingle on the forums, read blogs, and send out a few winks of genuine interest while you still have the chance using these cougar dating sites.

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