5 Crazy Drinking Games

Do you want to have 5 crazy drinking games to bring to your friends next time you are going to a party or just hanging out.  Below you will find 5 crazy drinking games that you probably never heard of.

1. Bet Your Liver

Things Needed:

  • Deck of cards
  • Beer
  • Pint glass


  1. Shuffle deck of cards place the deck face down.
  2. Pour. First person goes by pouring any amount of beer into the pint glass. This is their bet.
  3. Guess. That person then calls out black or red.
  4. Flip. Card is then flipped.  If they guess right then the glass is passed to the next person who then pours in their bet.  If they guess wrong then the person drinks contents of glass.

2. Land Mines

Things Needed:

  • Lots of Beer
  • 2 shot glasses for each person
  • Quarter
  • A decent sized table


  1. Fill the two shot glasses.
  2. Spin quarter.
  3. Take the two shots both with hand you spun the quarter with.
  4. Stop quarter while still spinning with original hand.  If not still spinning take your turn over.
  5. Land Mine.  This is when your beer is finished you can place your empty can on the quarter while still spinning.  This makes the spinner repeat and the mine stays for the rest of the game.  Whenever quarter stops spinning remember that means the person whos going has to repeat their turn.

3. Flip Cup

Things Needed:

  • Beer
  • Solo cup for each person


  1. Divide group into two even groups.
  2. Pour a double shot worth of beer into each cup.
  3. First person to go lifts cup up, then down to table, then drinks.
  4. When beer is finished put cup on the end of the table; open side down and flip it.
  5. When cup is sitting normally next person goes.
  6.  After each side finishes the second person in line goes and the person that went first last time becomes last.  It keeps moving up the line after each round.

4. Chandeliers

Things Needed:

  • Solo cup for each person and one extra.
  • Beer
  • Ping Pong ball


  1. Place one solo cup down.  Then each person places their down 3 inches from the center cup and in a circle.
  2. Pour a double shot of beer in personal cup.
  3. Pour a shot of beer into solo cup in center.  Everyone does this.  You want it to be full.
  4. Bounce the ping pong ball if it makes it into someone’s personal cup that person drinks and the ball moves clockwise and next person goes.  If it lands in center cup everyone drinks their cup and then plays flip cup with their cup.  Last person to get cup standing up correctly has to chug the center cup.

5. Power Hour

Things Needed:

  • 6 beers for each person
  • 60 minute music mix that switches songs every minute
  • A shot glass for each person.


  1. Pour beer in shot glass.
  2. Drink shot of beer every minute.







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