5 Crazy Places To Have Sex

Sex can become mundane or run of the mill at times, so it is important to learn about 5 crazy places to have sex so that you have something new to try. While every place may not be your idea of the perfect spot, there may be a couple that catch your eye or give you an idea of crazy places to have sex. At the very least, they should get you thinking about ideas of your own.

  1. In public. This may be a vague sounding idea, but just think about it a moment. When you think about crazy places to have sex, what is more crazy than picking a public place? It can be during  a crowded holiday weekend, in the park after nightfall, in an elevator of a hotel or in the public pool. There really is no limit to your imagination.
  2. In your car. Why not go parking? If you used to do this when you were dating, why not revisit those old memories of fogging up the windows? You will get the thrill of knowing you can get caught along with the trip down memory lane.
  3. In the water. Whether it's a swimming pool, hot tub, lake or beach, having sex in water can be not only exciting and fun but daring too; especially if you're not alone. The good thing is that you have the privacy of being under the water and a lot of times you can do it around others without anyone even knowing, especially at night. This can be easier in a body of water other than a pool but sometimes you can get away with a late night swim in a public pool with no one else in the immediate area.
  4. At work. Many fantasies happen at work places, so why not try out the real thing? If you have a private office, all the better. If not, use an empty closet or private bathroom. It can be quite a thrill to thumb your nose at authority, so to speak. Not to mention that it'll make the work day seem a lot more exciting.
  5. In your old bedroom. Remember, all of the time you spent in your bedroom thinking about sex. Why not actually do it? It'll be even more daring knowing that your parents are under the same roof and could catch you.

Most of these crazy places to have sex are based on the thrill of getting caught or doing something in a place you're not supposed to have sex at. Sure, we can all imagine having sex on the washing machine as being crazy, but it won't be as much fun as doing it where you know you're sneaking around and might get found out.

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