5 Crazy But Safe Sex Ideas

If your love life has become dull and boring, these five crazy but safe sex ideas might benefit you and your lover. Get out of your comfort zone. Bring some craziness into your life with these sex ideas. Then get busy.

  1. Get inspired. What better way is there to get inspired with ideas for some crazy but safe sex than watching steamy movies? Rent some flicks with hot sex scenes and have a marathon to get in the mood. Then get it on.
  2. Use a mirror. Place it where you can both get a view of what’s going on-from a different perspective. By the head board, at the foot of the bed, or on the wall: anything goes. Crazy idea? Yes, but still safe.
  3. Play some tunes. Not just anything, though-make a play list of sultry songs to play before getting it on. Listen to it before, and while, you have crazy but safe sex. Music is a sure source of inspiration.
  4. Shower together. A hot, steamy shower is a great idea to get your blood pumping for crazy but safe sex. And you just might have to take another shower together afterward.
  5. Play porn star. Set a web cam or video camera up next to the bed while you have crazy but safe sex. You don’t even have to record the action; just watch yourselves as you get it on. If you choose to record the fun, be sure to delete it or put it in a safe place after watching your homemade porn.

Sex may become dull awhile into a relationship, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these five ideas to have crazy but safe sex as you get to know each other even more.



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