5 Crazy Sex Positions



How many different awesome sex positions do you know? Are you some milquetoast dude or gal who only has experience with missionary? You need to experiment with a trusted partner as soon as possible. Some of these positions penetrate deeper for the female, adding extra sensations. Some of them can supplement entire workout routines. It's true! You just pick the level of kinky you'd like to pursue and then have fun!

The 5 best crazy sex positions are meant to make sure that your sex life is full of exhilaration and full of euphoria. So try these crazy sex positions the next time you want to ensure that your woman is kept satisfied, under your control, and, most important of all, sexually dependent on you.

  1. Flatiron. The Flatiron is a good crazy sex position because it helps out guys who have problems with pleasing their woman in the stamina department. So if you have trouble giving it good to your over-demanding wife or girlfriend for as long as she selfishly keeps demanding, try the Flatiron. All it takes is you to force your woman to lie down on her stomach with her legs straight and her hips a little raised. Then, you keep slamming her from behind. The end.
  2. G-Whiz. This is the second-best crazy sex position because it helps get your babe off with more ferocity, which in turn works to get you off with more lecherous and mindless lust, too, as you observe her getting off like there's no tomorrow. In this crazy sex position, you get to directly touch your skirt's g-spot; you do this by raising your babe's legs in the air as you are slamming her vagina when she's on her back. This apparently narrows her vagina, letting your penis directly fondle her g-spot!
  3. Ballet Dancer. Despite this crazy sex position's fruity name, you will feel like a real man for being able to drill your little lady all the harder. Just order your woman to stand on one leg and wrap her other one around your waist. This will allow you to grab her hips and just slam her little vagina until the cows come home. A bonus is that you will also get the effect of intimacy as you can watch her face contort itself into expressions of twisted ecstasy while you are doing this to her body!
  4. Wheelbarrow. The Wheelbarrow is a good crazy sex position on account of it being a maneuver that requires a lot of movement dominated by your machismo. Instruct your woman to get on her little hands and feet as you then lift her up by her pelvis. Command her then to wrap her thighs around your legs. Try this for something really different.
  5. X-Factor. The final spot on this orgasmic list of the best crazy sex positions is the X-Factor, a move that lets your girlie fondle your ass, legs or back while you are giving it to her good. Start in the boring sex position called the Missionary, and then strategically rotate your body so that your penis remains fully locked inside your woman's vagina, but so that your limbs form an "X" with hers.
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