5 Crazy Sex Scenes

Movies are full of sex and nudity but there are 5 crazy sex scenes, so wild that they blow the competition away. Regular sex scenes feature bare breasts, butt shots and lots of groaning. Crazy sex scenes take things to the next level and cause the jaws of viewers to drop. The craziest sex scenes have creativity and of usually at least one hot woman. Here are the 5 craziest sex scenes ever.

  1. "Crash," 1996. The first film called "Crash," didn't get the accolades that the more recent one did and for good reason, because it was dreadful. It did however have some memorable scenes including the crazy sex scene with James Spader and Holly Hunter. Some people get turned on by watching porn but these guys get turned on by watching deadly car crashes. Nice, but at least it lead to a crazy sex scene. 
  2. "The Naked Gun," 1988. Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley engaged in one of the craziest sex scenes ever during "The Naked Gun." The duo decided to make love but wisely opted for safe sex. Their notion of safe sex involved the use of body sized condoms. It was wild. 
  3. "The Annabel Chong Story," 1999. This documentary movie included a sex scene that took ten hours to film and included over 250 men. The crazy part of it was that they really had sex and all of them had it with the same woman, Annabel Chong. The star of the movie released it to help her deal with her relationship with her parents who objected to her sexual antics. It probably did not help much. 
  4. "Howard The Duck," 1986. Most self respecting people take their money and retire after having a bunch of box office hits. George Lucas is not one of those people. He returns to Hollywood and makes movies about human sized ducks. In this bizarre film, Howard, who looks like a miniature version of Big Bird seduces a hot human and has sex with her. This sick sex scene is utterly crazy.
  6. "The Mother," 2003. 
  7. This British film introduced cougars to the main stream. The only problem is that in this movie they cast a woman who looks like a real middle aged mom rather than the surgically enhanced bimbo's we see in most Hollywood flicks. Anyone who has ever seen the sex scenes in this probably doesn't enjoy sex any more. Nasty, crazy scenes of a wrinkly old woman and a man half her age.

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