5 Creative Ways For Having Oral Sex

Here are 5 creative ways for having oral sex that you must know in order to master oral sex, or simply kick up spice in the bedroom. These might not be new to you, but they’re a refresher if you’ve forgotten or a primer if you’re not to the world of sexy sex with sexy women. Jot these down for immediate future reference.

  1. Sensory Deprivation. By eliminating or inhibiting one of the five senses, you can enhance the sensory power of the others. Try blindfolding your partner, and maybe yourself too. This is a creative way to have oral sex – looking for one another and feeling the rush of unpredictability while you grasp and suck all over each other until you both climax.
  2. Redefine “Eating Out.”  Use food creatively to enhance your oral sex experience. Rub strawberries covered in whipped cream or honey around her private parts. Insert a banana and use it to stimulate as you fish it out with your mouth, or pour a steady stream of chocolate sauce down your penis like a chocolate fountain while she holds her mouth open to catch it.
  3. Get Caught Out There. Having sex in public is a naughty task, but the risks can sometimes be worth it. Try having oral sex in a public restroom, or office when nobody’s around. Be careful to make sure there’s no cameras and that there aren’t any highly vigilant people around. The last thing you need is to be taken into custody trying to explain why your breath smells like her muff.
  4. Use a Toy. Whether you want to simply add a vibrator, or want to take it to super-extremes and add a blow-up doll, one thing’s for certain: sex toys definitely enhance your experience. Adding a toy with lube, such as a Fleshlight to enhance your masturbation while you taste her, or a vibrator to penetrate her while you do your thing, will greatly increase the creativity in your oral sexperience.
  5. Play with It! Cumming on a girl’s body is a visual display of your excitement. Done correctly, it will creatively express how great the session was. Ejaculate with her permission of course.
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