5 Culinary Schools In Columbus, Ohio

If you have ever been interested in the culinary arts, these five culinary schools in Columbus, Ohio will give you the skills to become a true food impresario. The art of managing a hotel/restaurant or preparing a mouth-watering meal can be quite demanding without the proper training, but with the wide variety of classes offered at the following schools you can quickly be on your way to becoming the next Top Chef.

  1. Bradford School. Located near the charming Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, the Bradford school has offered classes relating to the culinary arts for nearly 100 years. You will partake in a 20-month program that includes classes in classical and international cuisine, pastry arts, and commercial kitchen procedures. Once you receive your degree The Bradford School offers a three-month externship so you can get hands-on experience in an established restaurant. 
  2. Hocking College. Located 60 miles south of Columbus in Nelsonville, Ohio, Hocking College offers a wide variety of classes in the field of culinary arts and hospitality. Their Culinary Arts program will provide you with the fundamentals of cooking and the management skills needed to operate your very own restaurant. Hocking College offers job opportunities in restaurant management, hospitality management, and pastry/executive chef positions. They emphasizes real world experience, and you will work with established chefs in real-world kitchens in order to build a network with industry professionals.
  3. Ohio State University. Ohio State University, located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, offers a wide variety of degrees, including: food services and technology, food and nutrition studies, and hospitality services management. Their advanced 10-month internship program will provide you with the real-world experience needed to advance in the culinary field, and will often lead to permanent job offers from prominent businesses.
  4. Columbus State Culinary Academy. Columbus State Culinary Academy, a division of Columbus State Community College, offers a host of degrees related to culinary arts and hospitality management. Whether you want to major in pastry arts or simply obtain a baking certificate, Columbus State Culinary Academy can assist you. They offer flexible classes, on-the-job training, and up to a three year externship in one of many local clubs, restaurants, or hotels.
  5. Columbus Culinary Institute. This state-of-the-art cooking school features a two year program designed to teach you the fundamentals of cooking and hotel/restaurant management. You will learn a comprehensive set of skills needed to perform in industry-leading restaurants, and once your degree is completed you will be offered an externship at one of the many established local restaurants.
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